About Us

Dr. Michael McDaniel is a
co-founder and president of Millennium Bible Institute

Dr. McDaniel is a featured lecturer in the Schools of Biblical Studies, Eschatology,
and Theological Studies at the MBI campus in Glen Rose, TX.
He received
his doctorate in Biblical Studies from Pacific International University
of St. Louis, Missouri, and is a native of Louisiana. Dr. McDaniel currently r
in Imperial, TX with wife, Billie.

Millennium Bible Institute – Imperial, TX

Organized June, 2001, in Glen Rose, TX
Co-founders: Michael McDaniel, Col. Paul Rick Davis, Robert Summers, Thomas
Bass, Robert Butler

Who We Are:

Millennium Bible Institute operates as an independent, non-denominational,
self-governing local assembly of Bible believers not affiliated with any organi-
zation or denomination. 
MBI currently carries out live classroom instruction at the Cross Branch Fellowship
in Glen Rose, Texas.  Correspendence instruction is provided by means of printed
materials, audio CD, mp3 and DVD formats.

Our Purpose is to:

  1. Reach beyond the boundaries of the local assembly in Glen Rose in order to
    educate members of the church, the body of Christ in the proper handling
    of the Scriptures;
  2. Proclaim the gospel of the grace of God to the unsaved; 
  3. Preach Jesus Christ according to the revelation of the mystery to the
    church, the body of Christ;
  4. Engage in the godly edification of the local assembly as prescribed by Paul
    in his pastoral epistles of I Timothy - Philemon by educating its members
    in the curriculum that God has laid out in his word, beginning in Romans
    and continuing through 2 Thessalonians.